Pic des Moines

The route to Pic de Moines (monks summit) starts in Spanish ski resort Astun near the Somport mountain pass. We spend an hour to find the start of the track. Our map should be out of the date because it does not show the route we follow.

It is sunny and hot. We ascend to the lake Escalar. There we take a short rest sitting near the lake. Then we move uphill to the Pic des Moines. The sights from the top include a number of lakes and the Pic du Midi de Ossau summit.

We decide to make the way back longer by walking the mountain ridges at the Spanish border. What looks easy from the top appears to be more complex in practice. We descend by the ridge of one hill, then ascend to the next and this repeats again and again. After a long walk our car gets into sight at last. We decide to go down straight. This endeavor turns out to be more exciting than we expected. We slither down here the grassy ground and there the stony slopes. Finally we manage to get to the mountain road and then to our car.

Download file: Lescun-j2-Moines.gpx
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