Le Pic d’Anie

It’s sunny and for the afternoon 36 degrees are forecasted. Therefore we get up earlier and move out to Le Pic d’Anie about 9am. Le Pic d’Anie is the highest summit in this part of Pyrenees – it has 2504m above sea level. The first hour we walk almost plane forest path. The sun is low and out path is mostly in a shadow. Despite of that we see some lizards by the path. Later on the forest ends and we come to stone covered mountain meadows with sun and wind. The wind is just what we need because it’s getting really hot.

Soon we are at the shepherds hut. Here the path turns into two and we are not sure wich one to follow. The shepherd helps us to decide. He guards himself with the large umbrella and we see why – his face and nose is badly burned.

After the shepherds hut the path gets steeper and stonier. We walk another couple of hours uphill around the mountain to get on the summit. We have spent for this almost four hours. There are more hikers on the summit except us. We shoot the mountains and ourselves, take a rest and then walk back down the same path. The descending is rather steep here and there 🙂

Download file: Lescun-27-Anie.gpx
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