Casque du Lheris

Today we drive to Aste village. The track follows the road then a rocky woody path. It’s cold and we follow the hills side in shadow. After a couple of hours hiking we are out of the wood and proceed through the meadows to the hillside and then climb up to the summit Casque du Lheris. At noon we are on the top. It’s sunny and warm. Marvelous sights around, to the Pic du Midi in particular – here almost all the snow has melted away. After a short break we start to descent. The weather is sunny and hot.

Next we drive to the pass Col d’Aspin – too take a look. The parking place on the pass is crowded by the goats – spoiled by the tourists. The goats lie by the cars, walk amidst the tourist and let the tourists treat them. We climb up the nearby hill Mount de les Salies (1641m, some 250m up from the parking place).

After that we drive down from the pass and have a lunch in a roadside café. Then we proceed to Campan village famous for the man-large dolls that are near almost every house.

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