We had delicious white peaches at breakfast. As our waitress pointed out – Ariege has the weather and everything to grow peaches you do not find anywhere else. The story was supported with another pair of the marvelous fruits.

Having finished the breakfast we drive to Foix. The main place of interest there is the medieval stronghold of Foix that dominates the roots of the old town from the hilltop in the city center. The former stronghold of Counts of Foix now houses the Ariege departmental museum which exhibits medieval everyday objects, weapons and armor.

On a way to the castle we enter the cathedral – it has two organs inside. The castle has three towers – the round tower is built a couple of centuries later as the rest of the castle. We join here an guided tour. The armor exhibition was really good. We liked in particular the head armor for the horse.

After the short stroll through the old town of Foix we proceed to Vicdessos valley – to tourist information center in Auzat to get the keys of our apartment. Near the Foix we detour to look at the Pont du Diable. The legend tells that the architect had a contract with the devil. The devil has promised to help build the bridge in exchange to the first soul that will cross the bridge. The bridge has been built during the night but nobody have used it. Until somebody had a bright idea to let a cat cross the bridge. The devil was in a rage, have lost the balance and have fallen down into abyss.

It turned out that the keys we get in Auzat are of the town hall of Illier et Laramade village. The last three km to the Illier we drive uphill very narrow serpentine road. Entering the narrow (only one) village street  we get to our home for the next two weeks. The two story house as it looked like from the front turned out to be three story in fact. The architecture of the mountain villages has it’s peculiarities.

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