Fuente De

We drive early in the morning to Potes and then 23km to Fuente De. Fuente De has a pair of hotels and a funicular that takes people up to top of 800m high vertical wall of cliffs. The carriage (allows about 20 passengers) takes everybody up in 3 minutes.

While in carriage I communicate with Spanish guy who speaks English. He suggests to climb Tesorero summit – except if in fog (he says a fog here is as thick as nowhere else in the world). There are some clouds around when we get out of the carriage on the upper station. Generally it is sunny though so we decide to go for the summit. The path is wide in the beginning (it is one of favorite routes apparently). It gets narrower only after a hour of walk.
We follow the route of the Spanish guy and see how he climbs Tesorero summit. We almost manage to do the same. Unfortunately not far from the summit Ilze gets struck with the sharp pain in her leg. We must turn back and go down to the pass. While we have a rest a black bird with pink legs and beautiful yellow beak comes close to us. I treat him with bits of apple and he comes almost as close as at arm’s length.

Just before the funicular station we see a flock of goats and sheeps. Some of the goats are of interesting color (e.g. – dark brown rearward part and light brown forward part with a sharp boundary between). We get in a funicular carriage, drive down to our car and then to our home.

Funny incident with our washing machine in the evening – we do not manage to get out the wash from it. I call a hostess – she sends her farther to help. The farther does not understand a word in English. He has no more success with the washing machine as we did. I take a vocabulary and ask him about a manual. He goes for the manual and returns with a woman. With a help of the “manual” we manage at last to get our the clothes.

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