Garganta del Cares

The destination today is the famous Garganta del Cares the narrow and deep gorge the Cares river has carved her way through the Central and Western Massif of the Picos de Europa. The 10km long tourist path goes up from Poncebos to village of Cain. The major part of the path is carved in a vertical wall of cliffs. It has a number of tunnels and wire-bridges.

It is cloudy and the gorge is covered by clouds. The first section of the path goes steep up – 40 minutes of walk takes us up to the highest point of the path – Los Coleos. Further on the path follows up and down the aqueduct carved in the rocks.

Starting the Los Coleos the path mainly is carved in the rocks. Below is an abyss and above – about 200m of a vertical wall of cliffs. The summits rising about 2km above the deep gorge are nearby. The last section of the path prior to Cain is the most interesting. There is a long tunnel, with window openings one after another.

The route book advised to avoid high season and weekends round the year because of popularity of the route. Today is Monday 12th October and still the path is full of people. We wonder what it looks like there at weekends in July or August.

Cain is a little mountain village. The road from Posada de Valdeon ends there. Cain is located in province of Kastilia-Leon (Poncebos – in Asturia). We stroll through streets of Cain and climb the hill behind the village. Up on the hill we have a short rest and then start our way down. It is sunny. We see goats – some of them dangerously close to the abyss.

Atceļā vēl apstājamies Arenas de Cabrales pilsētā.

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