Goa tower

The path to the 1000 year old Goa tower starts in Vernet les Bains. In ancient times guards were on duty here to warn the citizens when enemy was approaching. A steep path caries us to the Col de la Pena pass (means mountain pass in Spanish). On the way to the pass we see a flock of 5 wild goats. From the pass we enjoy a gorgeous view to the Vernet les Bains.

Futher on the pass is flatter – we reach the Goa easily. The tower has no doors – only loop holes and a window. The latter is high enough to be used to enter the tower (a good protection from the tourists). We follow the bumpy mountain road to the Col de Jou pass, then to village of Casteil. When approaching the Casteil we find a zoo. The zoo is located on a mountain slope. As we see it standing on our path – to visit the zoo means to climb the mountain. Options are – 2,5km and 3,5km round paths. We decide to skip that.

From Casteil we follow the path down to Vernet les Bains. It is one in the afternoon hence we decide we have time for one more trip today – to the English waterfall (Cascade d’Anglais). We have to drive by very narrow and steep road to the start of the path. The path follows the mountain stream. It has handrails and footbridges here and there. We are not alone – a group of more then 20 French seniors follow us. A very cheerful and noisy gang. We manage to win the race to the waterfall but the seniors are here in a minute and inflate all the place. Still this does not disturb us to enjoy the beautiful waterfall.

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