Gorge Caranca

We drive to Gorge Caranca the well familiar road to Mont-Louis and leave the car in parking place near the very start of the gorge. We take the path that goes by the left side of the gorge. It is early in the morning and our side is in the shadow – hence it is rather chilly. The gorge is very narrow with vertical cliffs at both sides of the Caranca stream. The path goes steep uphill. We notice that the path at the opposite side is a groove carved in a vertical cliff. This looks rather dangerous. Then it gets interesting at our side as well – metallic plank-ways fastened to the cliff, wire bridges and so on.

Gradually the gorge gets wider. We continue to follow the path uphill for an hour or so while the gorge gradually transforms into valley. Then we decide to turn back which we do after having some rest.

We go back by the opposite side – by the groove we noticed earlier. The path is wide about a meter. It looks much if you forget that you are close to an abyss hundred meters or so high. Still not so scary as it looked from the opposite side. The track follows the groove for a kilometer or so.

We spend in the gorge about 8 hours. Height difference – 900m.

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