By the Tarn river

Friday the 13th – sometimes it’s really like you expect it to be 🙁

We drive to Malene. The village is squeezed between the river and cliffs. One of the tourist attractions here are trips down and up the river on a canoe. The canoes are like they were back in history when they were the only means of transportation here (the river side road was built only at the beginning of 20th century. You can hire the canoe near the bridge in Malene. Still we decide to walk and we start our journey by crossing the bridge.

We have planned our trip as an easy one for a couple of hours. But instead of this we loose our track and spend exhausting 8 hours till we are back in Malene. Friday, the 13th…

Nevertheless the second half of the track is really beautiful. The track goes high in the cliffs by the Tarn river. When we drove by the road on the opposite river side it did not appear to us that there might be a track – but there is one!

The saddest point of the day is when our hotel appears before us – in the opposite river side. This means nothing more than – we still have some 5km to walk till Malene. We get there only at 6pm totally exhausted.

Still we decide that it is too early to go to bed. It starts to rain but we drive to Point Sublime. This is a hill at the lower end of the Tarn canyon and there should be stunning sights to the canyon. The sights are not as they could be because the rain does not want to stop. Friday, the 13th…

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