Village track

It’s foggy and we decide to explore the neighboring villages. We select a track from our hiking guide: Illier – Orus – Sentenac – Vicdessos – Aronac – Illier. Mountains are hidden by fog and we can’t see the hills on the opposite side of the valley. The hillside is full of blackberries – they are delicious no matter if there is a fog or not.

The path goes uphill initially (from 900m of Illier to 1060m at the highest point). Then it goes down to Vicdessos. The last stage from Aronac to Illier the path ascends back to Illier. This last one appears to us a little tiresome…

The villages are small and lovely – narrow streets, old houses (some of them dated back to 19th century). A lot of houses are uninhabited and need repair. Each village has a town hall, a church, a phone booth and a mailbox.

Later at night we drive to Tarascon. The center is on a rise. Beautiful views to the town from the old tower standing here.

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