Kopavogur is on a small peninsula. We start the day by strolling the streets of Kopavogur to the far end of peninsula. Looks like no free place here is left to build ones house. The see shore is left for birds though. We look across the strait to Reykjavik and to Nauholtsvik beach where we hope to finish the race tomorrow.

We get an e-mail from Ivar (organizer of the Ecotrail) telling that Kristian will take us to the start line of the Ecotrail.  We are five passengers in the car – czech Zdenek, german Alex, norvegian Ragnhild, Ilze and me. Norvegian however change her plans and move out to drive with another car. So there is room in car for everybody.

On a way to the start line Kristian share his doubts if the course marks are frequent enough.  It is great that Ragnhild is not here because she was rather concerned about getting lost somewhere in lava fields.

We manage to find a start line – a lovely place in lava fields with hills around. Not very seriously I ask Kristian if he has a starting pistol – and he has one. While waiting it to fire we shot some pictures – a group of people lost in middle of nowhere. At 11pm Kristian fires the start and off we go. Zdenek runs the first, then Alex (he is the first at the finish though), then Ragnhild and then Ilze and me.

First 15-20km of the course goes through lava fields, then by forest path and fields of lupines. The sun goes down but does not get much darker. The first aid station was probably a joke, the rest are self service stations (food and drinks but none to talk to). 12km before the finish line Ilze gets lost and therefore adds 4 more km to the track. Everything around becomes particularly beautiful – fog above the meadows, birds who sing and allure you from their nest, reddish clouds before the sunrise.

Hot bath in a basin at the see shore with the bottle of white Iceland beer helps to forget all the concerns and trouble. A short 4km cool down walk to the accommodation after the bath.

Download file: ecotrail-reykjavik.gpx

The next day starts somewhere in afternoon. The only adventure is a 10km drive to the near peninsula and easy stroll by the see shore. The hostess proposes a Jacuzzi in the evening that we accept with pleasure. Jacuzzi is in the court and full with very hot water – so hot that I don’t risk to immerse further than up to the waist.

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