Little Artouste train

At eight in the morning we have a breakfast by the fire-place. We ar alone at the large round table. The hostess serves by herself – the homemade jogurt and various jams, almonds, nuts, plums, everything delicious. Napoleon and Ta-ta-winne asks for treatment very expressively. The hostess gently intervenes that the doggies eat too much.

After saying goodby to our wonderfool hosts we drive to Artouste. Some places in a car park have ocupied donkies – at least that’s what it looks like. We continue by the cable car up to the Artouste train stop. It is warm and sunny. The train departs at eleven and moves by the hillside to the lake Lac d’Artouste. It takes an hour to get there. While on the way we enjoy the beautiful landscape around (and sometimes below us :)). When out of the train we move up to the lake. One can see the lake itself only from top of the dam that stands over the end stop of the train. Next we move by the other side of the valley to the lakes Lacs de Carlou.

Track goes by the hillside up and down until it turns strongly upward and then both lakes appear one after other. Short rest there and back we go to the lake Artouste train.

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