Lacs de Consaterre

We take a mountain road that goes from St. Lary Soulan up to Sailhan, then Ens – both being tiny villages with a handfull of houses. We leave a car in the center of Ans and move uphill by the only street. We have explored the track description but still we miss the right path. After some time of uncertainty we climb up the nearby hill and find our track again. The hour of walk takes us to the hillside full of rhododendrons in blossoms. A beautiful sight – we do not have another opportunity to see that much of rhododendrons in one place.

It is hot and that makes hiking a hard experience. To our relief light wind starts to blow. Moving through the rhododendrons we climb Pas de Laubere (2179m), then to our todays destination – to lakes Lacs de Consaterre (2344m). Behind the pass snow is al around again.

During the way back we get lost but the French hikers help us to get on the right track. We are done with the track at 5pm after 7 hours walk.

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