Mala Mojstrovka

It’s cloudy, still the weather forecast tells there will be no rain. Hoping there will be not much fog up in the mountains as well we drive to the Vršič pass. We are there before 9am and the parking place already is almost full. The parking costs 3 euros (they collect the toll only in the morning, nobody is here to do the job in afternoons 🙂 ).

When we are ready for walk there ar almost no clouds anymore. It’s 13 degrees celsius but while ascending it’s getting hot soon. First we walk uphill to the mountain pass, then proceed to the Suhi Vrh summit. There we take a short rest and then return back to the pass. Next we walk to the other side of the pass up to the 2332m high Mala Mojstrovka summit. There for the lunch have arrived spot on time a bunch of alpine coughs. They already know that people get onto summits for a lunch.

The nearby Velika Mojstrovka summit is covered in clouds. One can get there climbing the unpleasantly steep stone-scattered path. We decide to rather not go there. For the way down we select another path which follows the mountain ridge.

We are down in the parking place at 1pm after 4 hours walk. The height difference – 720m.

Close to our parking place there is a famous Ajdovska Deklica – the face of the witch hammered out high on the rock wall. The brochure tells that the face is hammered out by the Nature. We have already noticed the face when descending from Mala Mojstrovka. Unfortunately we did not manage to get close enough to take a close-ups. The last section of the path is very steep equipped with cables. We return back to the car taking the shots of the Ajdovska Deklica from several points.

The last adventure of the day is waterfalls of Peričņik. The bottom-most waterfall opens to our eyes already from the road. We get to the upper waterfall as well and take a look on both.

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