Malos los Riglos

The evening before we found a place where they does not forecast a rain. The place is called Riglos – it is a village in Spain 200km drive far from Luz across three mountain passes. We found in the web the descriptions of a couple of trips near Riglos and other villages near it.

While driving in France it rains all the time. When we enter Spain across the Pourtalet pass the picture changes – the rain, clouds and cold does not follow us across the border.

Riglos is a tiny village at the front of huge reddish rock columns. The view is just stunning. We start to walk from the village center and proceed uphill between the giant columns. The path bows around the columns – we can look at them and take shots from different sides. The track length – 5.5km, height difference – 400m.

Next we drive to the other side of the valley to the Aguero town. It has similar giant columns beside it. We tale a view of the church in the village center, stroll the streets and then drive a bit out of the village to see another church – a 12 century one.

Then we drive back. After a hot and sunny day to a rainy and green France.

Download file: gmt-11-malos-los-riglos.gpx
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