The morning started with the sunset in Plage de Grande Anse. This is a popular place but the beach has a lot of place for people as it is several km long and rather wide. We are on the West shore of the Basse-Terre island so we see only the glimpse of the sunset in the sea. The sunset is accompanied by the rainbow as well. The sun is somewhere behind the hills.

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Yesterday we moved from the yellow bungalow to the blue one. Now we have something like banana tree just out the window. Much more creatures around (or may be closer?). Even hens (they are everywhere) want use our terrace and table as their own. We manage to save the bread just before too late. Hummingbirds visit us more frequently. They fly around as close as a meter from us. They say that there are three kinds of hummingbirds here.

Off we drive to have the today’s main adventure – to enjoy the blue lagoon and the mangroves. Th lagoon is located in the North of Basse-Terre. Th journey starts in the small port in Sainte-Rose. The Lagoon is popular between snorkelers still we are eager to se the mangroves.

A froot of the mangrove looks like a thin green pen. When it is ready it falls down to the water. Here it may drift several kilometres (keeping all the way a vertical position) while it finds the place it can reach the seabed to settle down. Thus sort of green islands grow in shallow places in the Lagoon. They are not islands indeed but a thicket of mangroves.

A rather small motorboat takes us to some of mangrove islands. We start by driving close to one of them (meaning – touching the mangroves with our boat and hands). No climbing ashore as no shore there 🙂 So we have a bunch of interesting stories before to proceed further to the coral reef. Most of our travel companions go snorkeling. Others just wade in the warm water. The journey ends with some sort of toddy party.

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