Hiking near Lake Sant Maurici

There are almost 200 lakes inside the National park of Aiguestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici and lake Sant Maurici is one of the most beautiful of them. One can reach there from Espot – by foot or by taxi. We have selected the second option. The taxis are waiting for us in the centre of Espot. Not ready to go yet because they need at least four passengers for this. Luckily enough another two hikers arrive soon and we move on to the lake.

The road is rocky and bumpy so the taxi drives slowly and carefully. It takes about an hour before we reach the lake. The driver reminds us that the last taxi back is at six and off he goes.

The track starts with a broad path that follows the lake border. A lot of people hike here usually during the hot season. Today nobody is here but us four taken here by the taxi. The path brings us to the other end of the lake and then starts to ascend by the slope. Soon we are at the Ratera waterfall and then move on to some other lakes higher. The weather changes all the time – sunny, then foggy, then hail comes down. When we reach the lake Gran d’Amitges it’s sunny again and we can enjoy the view at Las Agullas d’Amitges – two steep rocky summits.

We select another path for a way back that takes us to the view point with a gorgeous view on the lake Sant Maurici. We are at half past five at the taxi stop. Two passengers are already there, three more join the company after us. Luckily the taxi that arrives has room enough for all.

We drop in in a small cafe in Espot for some tea and coffee and then drive to our hotel.

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