Mont Caraïbes

For today we have a Mont Caraïbes loop hike. Near the begin of the track warnings say that the storm Maria has visited this place and that one should take into account fallen trees and landslides. Luckily we met a man who has made the loop yesterday, and the weather conditions ar rather good for the walk as well.

The track begins with a downhill path and then we have to cross two streams  that have almost dried out. Follows the uphill. We have frequently to overcome fallen trees. Path is rather narrow in some places – the rest has been taken away by landslides. The path is very steep at places and covered with a clay mud. Luckily some ropes are here to help up and down. Hike is tough but the sights are stunning – to the hills covered in tropic plants, to the sea bays and to the Les Saintes islands. The highest summit today is Vent Soufflé. Then the path goes down in a simillar manner – some segments with ropes, some with pending tree roots instead of ropes. Turned out to be rather long hike with + m height difference.

Download file: 2019-11-23_07-35-39.gpx

This is our next-to-last day in Guadeloupe. For tomorrow we have a lazy day on the beautiful Plage de Roseau (beach of canes) next to our accommodation. Then we are flying home.

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