Some rehabilitation for today. To the valley for Guillestre the stronghold in Mont-Vauban.

Lovely old town in Guillestre (tiny, beautiful, a lot of sundials).

Then a short (an hours long) hike to the nearby hill named Pain du Sucre (sugar loaf – we will climb another one in a few days). Nice view from the top to the Guillestre, the stronghold and gorge Guilla. The stronghold is next to Guillestre on a rocky hill. The rocky walls of the Guilla gorge from the one side, rocks from the opposite side. One can access the strongho;d only by the narrow winding road. We are lucky they do not guard the stronghold anymore 🙂 .

We leave the car at the gate (only locals allowed) and enter the walls across the pending bridge. The stronghold is huge – we walk and walk by the walls to make it around. Another wall appears in our sight when we start to believe we have done it. The town with a number of streets inside (one featuring artisans shops). Several hotels for those who would admire to live inside stronghold and to drive the narrow steep road and gates across the pending bridge two times per day).

The walk inside the walls and the sun that throws a heat on us all the time is the reason to find something refreshing. So we drive to Lac de Serre-Ponçon. We put it on our schedule because of the St. Michaels church that is built on a tiny island. Some 30km drive to the lake mainly by highway (by a bridge over the lake as well). The lake is full of yachts, kiteboards and other accessories. We find the church but one can admire it only from the lake shore – to far to swim there. The water is warm but the swimmers are rear.

On a way back near Guillestre we drop in to a place with charming name – the hot springs. Several small basins with a warm water here indeed. The spring brings a water to the basins. The water is brownish and perhaps great for our health. It heals all kinds of diseases (at least that’s what we read here 🙂 ).

We return in Abries when it is dark already – a perfect rehabilitation.

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