Day 2. Montardo summit

The breakfast is tasty and nutritious as the dinner was. Nobody lingers at the table – packs rucksacks and off they are. We are aiming the Montardo summit today. 

The summit is not far from the Restanca refuge. Nor one has to climb high – we are there in a couple of hours (advantage of the mountain refuges – to be close to the summits 🙂 ). The weather is still lovely and so are the views.

Further on from the Montardo we take a path by several lakes to the Ventosa refuge. We run on our dinner comerade from Toulouse who has no map with him. He has almost reached Ventosa but then turned back (no map to consult).

We arrive at refuge Ventosa around 3p.m. – still four hours to wait for the dinner. The refuge has one 66 bed apartment – we book there 4 beds. Th hostess suggests the itinerary for us – a couple of hours walk around three lakes – beautiful, she says. We leave rucksacks in the refuge and walk on to explore the lakes. The hostess was right.

The dinner is served in large dishes. The huge bowl of soup comes first. It has a local specialty – a soup with bread and garlick. When soup (instantly) disappears we return the bowl and get the next plate. Soon we are done with the dinner (a pitcher of red wine inclusive).

Some planning for tomorrow and we are off to have some sleep. Luckily we have not many room mates (twenty or so) therefore the night music is at bearable levels. A couple of and m apspriežam rītdienas gājienu un tad ejam uz savām guļvietām. Par laimi cilvēku ir samērā maz (kādi 20 varbūt), tāpēc nakts mūzika ir paciešamos apmēros. Some performers outstand however 🙂

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