Korita Mostnice and lake Bohinja

It rains during the night with some thunder rolling like a cannon. The morning wakes us with a fog. We decide to move southward to lake Bohinja. It still rains while we drive but as we come closer to our destination the weather clears off gradually. We leave a car in a toll parking because there are no other options.

The track follows the Mostnice stream, which has carved a deep, narrow gorge in the rocks. The water has formed various kinds of cavities and holes. There is a elephant-like rock in a middle of the stream.

The path takes us along the very edge of the gorge uphill. In a couple of hours we get out of the gorge and proceed by the mountain road to the waterfall Mostniški Slapovi. The waterfall is not very impressive, the views on the hills covered with russet-color forests are stunning. We see several salamanders and a slowworm.

When getting down to the car we drive to the far end of the lake Bohinja. Here we take some shots of the Zlatorog (golden horn – a character from the Slovenian mythology) and have some swim in the lake. The water here is serene and clear. The bed of the lake is very steep (one need 3-4 steps to start swim). When we are done with swimming we get surrounded by a tiny fish. Waiting for treatment…

There is almost no wind. The mountains and trees reflect in the lake. What else one can wish from the life? Something for a diner maybe?

Download file: Korita Mostnice.gpx
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