The Lescun is in the clouds again in the morning. We decide to take a chance in Spain. The closer we get to the tunnel of Somport though, worse the weather gets. Thunderclouds accumulate. We get the hint, turn back to North and drive to Oloron-St-Marie. Oloron is a largest populated place in the region and we have to drive 40km to get there. It is warm and partly sunny in Oloron. An old lady suggests that we must see the cathedral of St. Marie, which is very beautiful. We follow the advice and the lady appears to be right. After seeing the cathedral we purchase very tasty muffins and consume them sitting on a bench in front of the town hall. Afterwards we move uphill to explore the Saint Croix quarter. It has a wonderful plane tree allee that looks like tunnel instead because the branches of the plane trees forming the arch above the heads of walkers.

On a way back to Lescun we take a stop in a tiny town of Sarrences. It is located a the foot of the hill in a bent of the road. We take a look on a local church and poke our noses through the gate of the monastery. We hear the voices from inside – perhaps of the pilgrims. The route of Santyago de Compostela goes through Sarrences and the writing on the gate reads that the pilgrims are welcome (not us 🙁 ).

Finally we drive to Lescun – tomorrow morning we will start our way back home.

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