Pic d’Er

The trip starts by the tiny parking place 2km before village Gabas. We cross the road, sneak in the wood and climb the path uphill right through the bushes full of sweet blackberries. Marking the fact for later use 🙂 we proceed uphill by the path that runs through the wood – covered here with stones and there with fallen leaves of beech. After a couple of hour hike we get out of the wood in a small meadow, then again through the wood we walk round the hill to Lac d’Er.

Getting at the lake we take a rest on the small hill near the lake. After having enough rest we proceed to the summit. It appears to be not obvious which is the right summit. We walk partly by the path and partly just in sort of right direction across the meadow. Then we notice the group of people having a rest on the summit above us and direct our way right to them. To our great pleasure this appears to be Pic d’Er. The last stage of the path follows the mountain ridge – not a big surprise.

While we discover the summit a group of French people join us. After some smalltalk (“where are you from” type) we start to descend. Initially we let them go ahead of us but on a halfway down we outrun them and get the approving comments – obviously on our downhill techniques 🙂

Having reached the blackberries we accomplish our trip-long dream 🙂 They are delicious!

We finish the day in our outdoor rest place with a cider and a mountain view…

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