Pic d’Eyne

We have Pic d’Eyne summit for today. The summit is not far from yesterdays Puigmal d’Err. Acccess by the same route – Mont-Louis, then turn-off to village of Eyne.

The path follows the Eyne stream in a beautiful valley. It runs through a wood, then meadows full of rhododendrons and other flowers, then rocks. Just before the Eyne pass we see the flock of about 10 wild goats. We approach carefully – Ilze takes shots non-stop. The goats are shy but do not run away. We manage to get as close as 50 meters.

The summit comes easy. We are not alone there. Hikers are on the summits around as well. Not a surprise because the weather is perfectly good. We take a rest, then climb the nearby Nuria summit, and then climb down to the parking place. We have spent 8 hours in a route. The height difference – 1300m.

Download file: Catalunia Pic d'Eine.gpx
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