Pic de Caramantran

The forecast a rain in the afternoon so we start a day a half an our earlier. Earlier means colder though and our track is higher in mountains as well – it starts near the col Agnel at 2700m above see level. The first time in Queyras we decide to have warmer clouds.

We have another 450m to climb to the summit and the track is rated as easy one in our guidebook. It does not look as such from the bottom – the slope covered with loose stones up to the pass. Still the path is not steep and has no surprises.

The weather changes time after time. A cold wind blows but at times when the sun shows up it pours hot beams at us. The clouds cover the mountain summits around while we ascend to the 2880m high Col de Chamoussiere. We have no sun till the pass and it is rather cold.

When ascending from the pass to the Pic de Caramantran the weather has changed to sunny. Two summits are on there on top and we have them both. The clouds cover us several times but in between we have a views to admire. On Pic de Caramantran (3027m) we find a shelter from the wind in a hollow made by stones and have rest. We greet in French a pair arriving on the top after us – they appear to be English 🙂 .

While descending the weather improves. Could it be that the decision to start earlier was not a perfect one?

When down to the car we decided to drive down the Italian side from col Agnel to the first village to have some coffee. The road is steeper, narrower and more winding than at the French side. We have to descend almost one km to Chianale. The village small, houses old (or renovated as old?), the little bridge over a mountain stream, churches on both sides of the bridge. We find a place to have a coffee and a tasty food, a peppermint syrup and a cappuccino.

Must drive carefully on a way back because marmots are very active near the road. No idea what is the reason for this activity.

Saying goodbye to Abries at the evening – strolling the streets we have or have not been before.

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