Pic de Cuneille

We drive almost to the Bielsa tunnel and leave the car by the road. We found no signs of track. Then we look one more time in the map and find where the track must start. Then we take off the boots and wade across the cold mountain stream. On the other side we find the track quickly and walk on through the pine wood steeply upwards by one more stream. After a while we are at the lake Lac de Cachet. Here we put on the gaiters and move upwards to the summit Pic de Cuneille (2628m). We loose the path in the snow but still make our way to the top.

We take another path downhill. Here and there we see the marmots. They whistle like birds and disappear in their burrows when we come closer. Further on the path is full of large ants. We see only 2 other persons during the trip – and this was at the beginning of the track.

Ravioli and salad for supper. After the supper we take a walk in St. Lary Soulan. At one of the shops Ilze explains to the shop-woman where on the map is the Latvia.

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