Pont d’Espagne

We have an easy walk for today – a 500m up by the full of riffles Marcadou stream close to town of Cauterets. We walk a wide rocky path through the wood full of rocks. We are not moving fast because somebody stops all the time to shot the next rock or waterfall. We spend three hours on way up (instead of one and a half as the itinerary tells. The end point of our walk is 1500m high Pont d’Espagne. The huge parking lot is full of cars. A lot of people have come to enjoy the bridge and the waterfalls near it.

No Spānijas tilta pa to pašu taku dodamies lejā. Ir jauks saulains laiks, uz akmeņiem sildīties ir iznākušas ķirzakas un gliemeži, daži atļauj sevi nofotografēt.

We descend the same path. It’s warm and sunny, the lizards and snails are out on the stones to catch the warmth of the sun. In Railliere near end of the track we visit some souvenir shops and not in vain 🙂

This is a last trip of our journey – tomorrow we return home.

Download file: gmt-14-pont-espagne.gpx
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