Pyrenees – Lescun

We arrive in Pyrenees by car from the Vannes – the picturesque town in Brittany. You can read about our adventures in Brittany here. We are staying in a beautiful house in village of Lescun. We move in on June 25th 2012 and stay until July 5th. While here we used every single day to hike the mountains around. You can get the impression here. Not a problem if you don’t speak French – just click on any of the pictures and you are in a description of some route where you can view the route maps and photos.

Gorge de Caqueta
Pic Ansabere
Le Pic d’Anie
Cueva helada de Lecherines
Pic d'Aspe
Le Pic de Gabardaille
Pic de Anayet
Pic des Moines
Chemin de la Mature and Pic d’Ayous