To the South-East of Basse-Terre

Simply a great day in Guadeloupe. We move from the Au jardin des colibris to the opposite end of the Basse-Terre island. The promised two bedroom house apparently has been transformed and was a garage in its previous life. Still it is very good. The only problem appear to be the distance from the kitchen to the terrace. Takes time to bring the food there and back.

On a way to the new accommodation we stop to have a walk to the Akomat waterfall with the natural swimming pool.

Download file: 2019-11-20-i1.gpx

Another stop is for the walk to the hill top named Mamelle de Petit-Bourg.

Download file: 2019-11-20-i2.gpx

When we are done with the dinner, the hostess brings hot fish pies. They are dangerously delicious 🤨.

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