Short hikes

Our schedule for today has several small hikes. Having done with the breakfast in company of hummingbirds, sparrows and lizards, we at first drive to the north-east of Basse-Terre to search for Saut des trois Cornes (falls of three horns). The track starts at Sofaia where locals go to heal themselves in a sulfur water. While we make ready for walk several cars loaded with local families arrive in the parking place to have some sanum per aqua. We will do it on a way back.

Download file: 2019-11-15-i1.gpx

The next hike starts in a lovely town Petit-Bourg (i.e. small town). The town is located near the see shore un the track mostly runs in a lowland near the shore. Some sort of botanic garden here – all kinds of tropic trees and fruits.

Download file: 2019-11-15-i2.gpx

Back to our hummingbird bungalow we drive different road – to the west coast across the island. On the way to the west coast we stop near the mountain pass to look for the waterfall Cascade aux Ecrevisses.

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