We drive through gorge and village Hermida to Urdon. Urdon is a power plant near the junction of Urdon and Hermida river. Urdon river has carved the narrow gap in the wall of cliffs of gorge de Hermida. The power plant fills this gap leaving a room for a narrow mule path to the village of Tresviso 850m higher. Until only a few years ago Tresviso, was only accessible by this path. Villagers used donkeys to deliver cheeses to Potes. Today only the postman continues the daily journey to Tresviso.

We start to ascend by Urdon stream ar 9.10am. The temperature is about 13 Celsius. The gorge of Urdon is in shadow and we have to go an hour to get in the sun. While we have a short rest a tiny birdie lands near us, perhaps to get acquainted. It comes very close so Ilze could make some photos. Not easy task yet because birdie is moving non-stop.

We go on by the steep wall of cliffs until we reach Balkon de Pilatos. The views are exactly as from the balcony – to the hills at the opposite side of Urdon gorge. After a short walk from there we already catch the sight of Tresviso. Another hour of walk and we are there. The last section of the path is paved with reddish slabs. The cemetery neighbored by a basketball field greets us as we enter the village.

We stroll the narrow streets until we find a path to the hill above Tresviso and further to the neighboring village. After an hour walk the path gets extremely narrow. As we start to go by the wire rail suddenly the flock of sheep catches us running furiously followed by the shepherd dog. That happens so fast we even have no time to get frightened – the sheep notice us, turn aside and hide in a tiny place near the path. The doggie disappears as well.

After a short further walk we make a rest and then turn back to Tresviso and down to Urdon that we reach at 4pm.

On a way back we stop near village of Tama to explore the house of Picos de Europa. It is a contemporary building featuring cinema and exposition halls. We watch a short movie about Picos de Europa. The screen consists of two parts – below the vertical part is a sloping one. There is no text therefore we can understand everything. When done with the movie we stroll through the exposition halls. The exhibits are located everywhere – on walls, ceilings and floors. Some of them know to tell about themselves – on Spanish and English.

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