Pineta valley

We drive to Spain – to Bielsa, then turn to nord-west and up by road in Pinetta valley – about 14km to Paradora parking place. The weather is sunny and hot. We select a track to balcony of Pineta (apparently the name of the mountain). We walk the road then branch to the mountain path. A number of waterfalls around. The streams struggle through the snow heaps and melt them from below. The streams are full of water – we have give up the plan to reach the Pineta balcony because the path ends in front of a fast and deep stream. It does not look a good idea to slip on ones back down the riverbed.

We still make another effort to get to the balcony – we find another path and follow it through the pine wood. We get to the nice sandstone cliffs. Behind it there is a gorge full of snow with the stream below. We do not take a risk to use a snow as a bridge and turn backwards.

When down to the road we turn away from the parking place and walk till the charming bridge that stands almost below the waterfall. The bridge is constantly below sort of the shower. For a hot weather as today it is  pleasure. We proceed further to the base of the beautiful mountain circus and enjoy the mountain landscape.

On a way back we make a stop in Bielsa and have a short look around. The houses are mainly freshly built but the town has a sort of ancient look – narrow streets, stone walls etc. To attract tourists. We take a look inside the church of Bielsa – it is large enough for the tiny village like Bielsa.

When back in France we stuck in the middle of goat herd that has decided to cross the road. We get trough with great care and attention.

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