Vertice d’Anayet

We get up at 7:15am, take a French breakfast and drive to Coral de las Mulas – a sky resort some 10km deep in Spain. A road branch to the resort is barred by the gate. We see the other drivers stop by the gate, open the gate and drive further. We decide to leave the car by the gate and to proceed on foot. The resort is being prepared for the high season – the giant parking place is empty.

The weather is sunny but a strong wind blows. Behind the resort the stony path leads us up by the hillside. The mountains and the rocks are violet (they remind us the rocks in Corsica). We climb lakes of Anayet for the start. The lakes are sort of shrinked – one can see that they use to be considerably larger (when lot of snow melts, perhaps). Still they use to dry up totally. Next we climb to the pass and to the summit (Vertice d’Anayet). From the pass to the summit we follow the  crest. There is a perfect view from the summit – Pic du Midi wrapped in clouds, the valleys full with white clouds.

Six French tourists climb the summit after us. They have a glass bottle of pink wine and wine glasses and they do use them on the summit 🙂 On a way down they ask us to join – to be sure we will not push accidentally the stones on their heads.

When back to the car we drive a little bit more to the South – till the town of Formigal. The town looks sort of empty as well. we have a lunch in a bar and then drive back to our hotel on a French boarder. The pass is covered with clouds.

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