Klein Furkahorn

We’re driving to Chur, which takes us back across two mountain passes. Our plan goes something like this – we make our way up the Furka pass and we take a little walk in the mountains. I have found the Klein Furkahorn peak, which is 3026m in height and looks like its right nearby the road. The climb isn’t too tough, since the pass is almost 2500m high. We are not aware about the possible difficulties of the climb, so we will observe it on the spot – we’ll go as far as we can.

Today the weather seems great – it’s sunny and not too windy. We make our way to the Furka pass by car and there our trip begins. The pass looks wild – it’s here where some of the scenes from the 1964 movie The Goldfinger (of James Bond franchise) were shot. At the beginning of the trail Ilze notices small pile of roadsigns, they’re there cause the walking season has ended. Which doesn’t stop us from having a little walk about.

We found something that resembles a trail, and we make our way up the mountain. Soon enough, though, we find ourselves off the trail. We proceed to the first hill nevertheless and find the trail quite soon. The trail runs through rocks and stones though. This slows us down but step by step we move to the mountain top until we finally reach the Little Furkahorn (Klein Furkahorn).

There seemingly nearby we can see the Great Furkahorn. But to get there we have to go down at first – it could take a couple of hours at least to get there – we don’t have time for that.

The views are quite stunning from Klein Furkahorn as well – we can see the Rhona glacier below us and the snowy mountain peaks all around. There we meet a guy who’s already made his way here for the second time today, since the natural lighting for photography wasn’t quite right the first time he made his way up.

We make our way downwards by, more or less, the same trail. Then we’re driving to Chur – and we find ourselves in complete darkness. Our hotel is situated in the old city, we park our car in the parking lot on the next block. After checking in we go see the old city of Chur, lit by city lights.

12 minute video from the hike to Klein Furkahorn 🙂

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