Pau and Lescun

Geting our Renault Twingo at Herz office in airport we are off to see the city. It is raining a bit and Pyrenees (although near) are in clouds all the time. After a hard try we manage to park the car in the city center and take a stroll to see the beautiful Pau castle (Castle is built during 14th century as a fortress, later during 16th century it is rebuilt by Marguerite of Angouleme according to taste of Renaissance) and the Pyrenees Boulevard. Palms and other species of Southern flora where all around.

Later on we get back in the car and drive closer to the Mountains to our first hotel – Hotel des Vallees. On a way to the hotel we make a short stop in a beautiful small town Oloron St. Marie. The building of the Hotel des Vallees is beautiful – 2 floors, the court in the center is covered by glass roof, a giant palm there. The swimming pool outside. The hotel is at country side close to a small village Lurbe-Saint-Christau.

Next we drive to Lescun – a village high in mountains. Getting closer to the village the road is narrow and steep. We leave the car and continue on foot to see Cirque de Lescun – famous for its white cliffs. After 3-4km by the country road we discover that the clouds are still there and they leave no chance to see the white cliffs. On a way back we nibble some blackberries.

On a steep way down I drive mostly on a second gear (the locals use more optimistic driving methods).

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