Rellseck – Valais

We walk uphill the opposite side of Montafon valley to the Bartolomberg village church (in the dark it’s well lit and can be observed through Mansaura window). The backs of the chairs are at oblique angle in the church. Makes kneeling more comfortable than seating.

Next we proceed to Rellseck. The road would be great for Nordic Walking. In beginning there’s asphalt and then the road gradually converts to trail. While on the way we can observe a beautiful view of the valley, Mansaura can be easily seen as well. In Relsek there’s a meadow from which we can observe both the nearest city and the Rhine valley on the border between Austria and Switzerland.

We take a look then at the church in Silbertal. The next destination is Gampel – 300km drive away in the south of Switzerland in the canton of Valais. Should drive around the North end of the mountain range located between Austria and Switzerland. There we visit Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. We walk the street in the city center (looks like only tourists here). If facing upwards one can see the castle high up on the top of rocky wall.

The next road we’re taking seems completely straight on the map. Looks a bit different in reality – we have to go through two mountain passes. Furka, the second pass, looks really amazing. We arrive there by the highway almost 2500m high up in the mountains. Only wild nature around. Snowy mountain tops seem really near.

When down from the Furka pass we reach the most flattest part of the road. The last 10km by the mountain road again, upwards to Oberems, where our accommodation awaits.

It is a small house next to the mountain slope at the very end of the village. Through the window we can see the mountain we will climb tomorrow. Looks a bit scary.

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