We have moved!

I have moved the site away from Google Sites and reimplemented it in WordPress. Everything should work 🙂 At least those “everythings” that worked in the old version 🙂

New features introduced:

1. One can add comments to pages (and I ask You to do this 🙂 )

2. There are Facebook like, twitter, google+ and other buttons on pages. Please feel free to use them :-)

3. I have included photo gallery with description of (almost) each day’s description in page Hikes -> Pyrenees -> Pyrenees – Lescun.  Please share your opinion on this.

4. At the right sidebar there is a contents section for every trip. You may use it to quickly navigate to a particular day of the trip. Please use the pusbutton positioned in the windows right bottom corner to move back to the pages top.

Please leave a comment if something does not work properly or for any other reason :-)