Gorge Viamala and Zillis church

Our todays destination is near Thusis that is about 25km drive from Chur. We park our car at the South end of Thusis near the mouth of gorge created by the river Hinterrhein. Via Spluga 4 day track starts there over the mountains to Italy. We will take a small part of the track.

The track starts by the old road (in some parts the new one) uphill. It takes some 5km to the narrowest part of the gorge – the Viamala Schluht. The gorge is deep and narrow here – not obvious while following the path. We take two tickets for 6 franks each and immerse by the steep concrete staircases in the deep of the gorge. Several observation desks here at the different levels. Even the mirror for better viewing of what is below the rocks. Impressive.

The track goes up then down. There is a suspension bridge as well. By the end of the track we have St. Martin church in Zillis village. The church is built on 8th Century but it is famous for its ceiling paintings dating to the 12th Century. The paintings consist of 153 wooden panels and is the only one in the world that is nearly completely preserved.

We return to Thusis on a double deck buss. That takes about 10-15 minutes (we spent 5 hours walking to Zillis).

Another stroll by the streets of old part of Chur in the evening. This time before the dark 🙂

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