Repairing the stories

We started to publish our travel stories 13 years ago. A lot of things have changed since. People nowadays use smartphones instead of desktops. This is the main reason (not the only one) why we decided to redesign our stories. A lot of them are here so we do it from time to time.

The main menu has two newcomers – “Map” and “Trips”: 

  • “Map” is, well, a map. The redesigned trips will appear here. The old map does not function correctly anymore and we are not ready to fix it.
  • “Trips” is the menu of stories; the old menu at the right side of the page is removed as it is not convenient for smartphone users.

All the travel stores are available while the redesign is in progress. Stories not yet redesigned may have some problems as previously (some links do not work, maps are not interactive etc.).