Pyrenees – Ordessa, Pic du Midi

We get to the Pyrenees after a few days spent around the Tarn canyon – you can read about that part of our journey here.

To avoid traffic jams from the Tarn we avoid the main roads that go through Toulouse. The roads we drive nevertheless are fast enough – so we manage to reach our studio in village of Vignec, at 9pm on Saturday 14th June 2008. When moved in we have yet to check the inventoir of the studio and to fill in the papers for gendarmerie.

Horquette d'Aubert
St. Lary Soulan
Ordessa National Park
Sum de Barroude
Pic de Cuneille
Oula and other lakes
Lac de Consaterre
Col d'Aspen and Pic du Midi
Pic de Heche Castet
Ō and other lakes,
Hell's waterfalls 
Pineta valley 
Anisclo canyon 
Pic de Madamete