Oula and other lakes

Today the tourist favored lake district is on our schedule. A number of lakes and number of hiking tracks there. We stop in the parking place of Lac d’ Artigouse. The couch and 5-6 cars are already there. Quickly we put on the boots and start the route (while the passengers of the coach are taking the shots). The track leads us to the lake Oula. We move on by the top of dam and then by the right side of the lake. Further on we take a wrong track and by the snow-covered track climb the pass Col de Bastanet (it’s only on the pass that we understand we are not where we planned to go).

On the other side of the pass everything is covered by snow – including two lakes we are supposed to go between. We ar not sure we know were this “between” lies. Nevertheless we decide to go. Carefully we move trying to keep distance to the uncovered part of the lakes. Having passed the lakes we climb the next pass which is lower then the first one. The landscape behind the second pass is not much different – snow everywhere. The snow and rocks replace one another below our feet while we reach our destination – the lake Lac de Port-Bielh. Standing here we see a number of lakes downhill – the lake Oula as a last in a row. Looks like they are nearby. Nevertheless we have a long walk by the path surrounded by rocks and fallen trees. The path from Oula is easy go to the parking place where we arrive at 5.30pm.

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