Queyras Regional Natural Park is located in the French Alps near the Italian border south of Briancon. Snow melts here during the summer on many summits hence a lot of tracks to the summits and by the mountain ridges. The park is a heaven not only for hikers but for marmots as well. A variety of wild animal and bird species live here. The nature is comparatively less damaged by skiers and other businesses. The fact that our friend Jacques hired out to us his flat in the very center of Queyras in village of Abries comes as an extra.

The journey starts on September 1st with a flight to Nice. Here we take a car and drive some 30 km to the North to stay overnight. Next morning we proceed by the mountain road over several mountain passes to Abries. On the higher part we take a break for some mountain ridge hiking. We explore the fortifications of Maginot Line. Marmots whistle and allow to take some shots.

In the evening we watch from our balcony in the center of Abries the illuminated church and 12 stations of the Cross on the opposite mountain slope. Tomorrow is the day of our first hike here.

Lacroix mountain pass
Mont Vauban
Pain de Sucre
Observatory Chateau Renard
Esparges Fines summit
Lac st. Anne and stronghold of Queyras
Pic Malrif
Uninhabited mountain villages
Pic de Caramantran
Cime de la Bonette