Pic de Madamete

It’s a perfect weather today (to regret going home, perhaps). We drop in to the market of St. Lary Soulan (in the same parking place where we experienced the St. Johns feast there is a market on Saturdays). One can purchase here everything – fruits, vegetables, cheeses, vine, meat, honey and shoes, cases etc. We buy strawberries and drive to the parking place of lake Oredon.

We take the track to Lac d’Aubert and further to Col de Madamete. In the car park of lake Aubert a group of schoolchildren falls out of the coach and move on to the pass. Still they soon have a picnic and we manage to leave them behind. The snow covers the last stage of the path before the pass. We do not need the gaiters because the snow is hard enough. We have a rest on the pass and watch how a couple ascends to the summit of Madamete. We look carefully how they progress to the summit and then follow them by the same path. After a half an hour we are on the  summit. There is a gorgeous view from the top. We see Pic du Midi de Bigorre (sort of habit to see it), behind it the valleys full of clouds. Right in front of us there is one of the main summits of the region – Neouvielle. A number of lakes down the hills – the higher ones covered with ice. Having enough the sights we climb by the same path downwards.

We drive to Pau – to our usual hotel Lui de Bearn. A large black dog meets us in the hotel. He is very friendly and perhaps would be happy to play with us. The hotel is almost empty – the other guests are at the wedding and should arrive later on. We do no wait for them – we have to get up early in the morning and get to the airport.

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