Pic de Gela

We wake up at 6am and drive to Cirque de Tromouse. We strongly believe that today the weather will be better then the couple of days before 😉

The weather is cloudy and there is a fog on a way up to the parking place. Still our worries are baseless. When we leave the car the sun appears above the mighty rock wall.

We start to walk. While we move closer to the wall we get into wall’s shadow a couple of times to enjoy the sunrise again 🙂 We walk by the wall there and back. Then ascend by a steep slope of marble to the Col de Seda and across it to the other side of the Cirque de Tromouse. There we move down to Col de Gela. The herd of about 40 wild goats moves by above us.

Next we ascend to the 2851m high Pic de Gela. Its cloudy on one side and sunny on the opposite. We take a rest and then start to descend.

We have walked 20km in 9 hours, height difference 900m.

Download file: gmt-13-pic-de-gela.gpx
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