Botanic garden

A morning starts with hummingbirds, palm trees and lizards on a wall. And sparrows capering on a table and trying to take part in a breakfast.

When having done with the breakfast we take a walk to the Botanic garden that is next to our accommodation. The garden is not very spacious and we explore it walking a zigzag path. Palm trees (including a very impressive Royal palm tree), huge trees and all kinds of tropic flowers. Flamingos, parrots of all colors and goats. And abundance of hummingbirds and other kinds of small birdies.

After a couple of hours in this paradise we walk back to our bungalow and drive to Deshaies to have our first hike. Hike goes over a Gros-Morne hill to the see (Carribean). It has been raining a bit while we drove so the path is not very dry. Mostly it takes us through the rain-forest with rubber trees, ferns, palm trees and other items you expect here. Lots of uncommon plants everywhere up to the see shore. Just before we get to the see we notice a cannon that is left here (perhaps to guard the island from the intruders?).

Returning the same path.

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