Cambre d’Aze

The destination for today is a 2750m high Cambre d’Aze (Donkey ridge). We drive to Mont-Louis again, then to village of Eyne and further on to Eine 2600 (ski resort). We leave the car in an empty parking place (the ski season has not started yet). There are no signs to the start of the track so we go ahead according to our map. After some effort we find the path that goes straight up the ski track. It is warm initially but as we ascend the cold wind starts to blow and dark clouds appear. We ascend the summit bu the mountain ridge. There is a gorgeous view from the top to Mont-Louis at the opposite side of the valley. We see a couple of large and beautiful lakes as well, Canigou and other summits. Some of the summits are in bright sunshine, others are covered with dark clouds..

We select other path for the descent. It goes initially by the stony slope. It is hard to see the path itself – fortunately it is well marked with stone piles. Some of the piles are more than 2m high.

While driving back the rain falls cat and dogs. Still when we reach Vernet les Bains the rain has gone and the sun shines brightly again. We drop in at Internet café to check-in for the backward flight. Something goes wrong when we print the boarding passes. The attentive owner suggests not to move the mouse while printing. We follow the advice 🙂

Download file: Catalunia Cambre d'Aze.gpx
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