Port Liberia path

We have planned to climb the summit of Madre. Still while driving we notice that the mountains near Madre are covered with black tempest clouds. We stop in village of Mosset to take a decision. It looks like is getting from bad to worst therefore we decide to change the plans. We stroll around in Mosset – it is small village with narrow and steep concrete streets and charming small houses.

Then we drive back to Villefranche de Conflent. Although we have no suitable map at  hand, we decide to explore the path in mountains above the Villefranche and Port Liberia. It turns out that the maps are useful – we get lost a couple of times. Still this does not make the views around less beautiful. We see Port Liberia, Villefranche de Conflent, Prades, other towns and villages (our sweet Fillols inclusive). Perpignan and the Mediterranean is there as well further near the horizon.

The route takes 5 hours instead of anticipated 3. Exhausting! Still we decide to explore the walls of the Villefranche. There walls go round the town and have 3 stories of passages. Means – one have to go round the town 3 times to see all of it. An there are a lot of things to see – the huge hammer run by mill wheel as an example. That takes one more hour and the rest of our endurance.

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