After the 4 hours driving the Pyrenees serpentines (there we find an interesting monument of the Tour de France), then by the the highways we arrive in Carcassonne. The city has a long history. The first populated place was created there 3500BC, but a Celtic town Carsac was a well known center of commerce 6th century BC. The romans started to erect fortifications here about 100BC, the lower part of the walls of the Carcassonne stronghold a remaining from this time. The old city (Cite de Carcassonne) is located on top of a hill inside the walls of the stronghold. The rest (Base de Carcassonne) – downhill outside the walls.

The stronghold gets visible as soon as we drive in the central part of the Carcassonne. The stronghold is very impressive – two rows of walls with 53 towers. You can get inside the walls through several gates – inside you will find old narrow streets with craftsmans and souvenir shops and cafes. We take a stroll through the streets, the cenral part of the fortifications and on the walls. Then walk to the close by pedestrians bridge accros the Aude river to take some overview shots of the stronghold.

Then we proceed to the airport. In the evening we fly to Bruxelles Charleroi airport but next morning – to Riga.

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