Cirque de Troumouse

When looking up to the mountains through the study window it is obvious today will be a good weather. Sunny!! We go to the Cirque de Troumouse. The road takes us 2103m high. The weather is perfect – sun shines, white snow all around. We start with the nearby hill to see the monument for virgin of Tromouse. Here we examine the steep cliff wall before us to find out where is the path uphill. Up there should be marvelous sights around. The chances of getting there does not look promising. Stil we select a direction and climb up by the hillside. After an hour or so it becomes obvious that we will not get to the top. Still we enjoy the beautiful sights around. We find the lake covered with ice ornaments. We descend to the car. The next stop is Gavernie.

We go to see the waterfall of the circus. Today the circus looks different then the last time. The sun shines from the Spanish side. The top of the wall is bright blank and above it sort of white clouds hang. It takes some time before we understand that the clouds are in fact the snow that the wind blow off the mountain ridge.

Time after time we hear a rattling sound from the waterfall. The snow heaps come down here. We proceed to the waterfall. It takes a couple of hours to get there. But it is worth it. We climb down. The sun descends rapidly as well. We manage to find a an elevation still in the sun light. Still while we have finished our fast lunch the sun has gone from there as well.

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