Pic du Midi de Bigorre

We move out of our studio and drive to the pass Col du Tourmalet. Here we take a look on the monument for participants of the Tour de France and then move on to the observatory at the top of the Pic du Midi. At the beginning we go by the old road that has two tunnels. The snow gradually thicker and it is not easy to walk. Still – the group of kids with a teacher go ahead of us, a group of elder people follow us, so we have to move on. The last slope is particularly hard. The track is full of snow and we follow the school kids up to the top.

While ascending we watch how the cable car moves up to the observatory. The cable car moves really high above the valley (we see that better the next day – a small black point moves from one mountain top to another).

Up at the observatory winds strongly and gets cloudy. We watch the beautiful sights and just as we start to descend the top is covered by the thick fog. After an hour and a half we are back to our car. It snows and then rains while on the way down. I call Audrey, she agreed to be our hostess for the next two nights. Audrey is a little grumpy about me calling her so late. But still she promises to accept us.

We drive to Mongie – one of the largest sky resorts in Pyrenees. The town looks empty – the season has not come yet. Next we proceed to Bagneres de Bigorre. This is the largest Pyrenees town we travel. Traffic jams, no free parking place – everything like we have used to. We meet Audrey at here house and move in in here little flat. Audrey proposes her bedroom for us and moves to sleep in a smaller room. She serves us with coffee, we talk about the Pyrenees track and things.

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